Piston Rings play a vital role in determining the durability/life and efficiency of any compressor or internal combustion engine. The demands on their performance are constantly growing due to increased firing and mean effective pressures and even higher piston speed. Low emissions, low wear and high durability are the requisite of piston rings. LPR rings ensure these properties by maintaining proper chemical composition of grey iron casting and S.G. Iron casting by spectro analysis before pouring of the molten metal in every heat and later checking of microstructure for every lot.

For heavy duty applications the top rings and conformable oil rings are made from heat treated Nodular iron being known for its high tensile strength. This material is suited for rings which are subjected to heavy thermal loads & high dynamic stresses. These rings have high resistance againstbending, wear and breakage.

For high RPM automobile application the top rings are made from high alloyed steel and the oil rings from profiled steel wire.

Wear resistance coatings as chrome plating and molybdenum spray are being used for enhancing the life and working conditions of Piston Rings. The chrome plating is done as overlay and inlaid. The plasma Molybdenum Spray is done for nodular iron rings as inlaid coating. For some specific applications molybdenum coating and copper coating on periphery by thermal spray is also applied.

Manganese phosphate, a chemical etching of the surface and tin plating are two types of surface treatment to assist initial run-in of the ring and also provide protection from the rust.

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