One of the few companies to have in-house all the facilities required for manufacturing of piston rings of this wide range. It has developed a state of the art foundry using mechanized automatic green Sand Plant and hydro pneumatic moulding machines. Individual casted rings are then machined on advanced machinery and equipment capable of producing all specified geometries to a consistently high level of quality.Some of the salient features of its manufacturing are listed below;

  • Individual casting for grey cast iron rings.
  • Centrifugal casting for ductile iron (S.G. Iron) rings.
  • Horizontal and vertical duplex grinders.
  • CTBT machines for double cam turning of oval shaped blanks.
  • CNC Featuring machines for different OD profiles.
  • Automatic Slotting machines for oil rings.
  • Cylindrical lapping machines to ensure light tightness.
  • Profile Grinding machines for different OD profiles of chrome plated oil and comp rings.
  • Automatic gap grinding machine.
  • Chrome plating facility for inlaid and outlaid plating.
  • Inlaid plasma molybdenum coating.
  • Piston rings from high-alloyed steel wire for top ring as well oil rings from profiled steel wire.
  • Surface treatments such as tinning and Phosphatizing.

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