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Salient Features of our manufacturing

  • Individual casting for grey cast iron rings.
  • Centrifugal casting for ductile iron (S.G. Iron) rings.
  • Horizontal and vertical duplex grinders.
  • CTBT machines for double cam turning of oval shaped blanks.
  • CNC Featuring machines for different OD profiles.
  • Automatic Slotting machines for oil rings.
  • Cylindrical lapping machines to ensure light tightness.
  • Profile Grinding machines for different OD profiles of chrome plated oil and comp rings.
  • Automatic gap grinding machine.
  • Chrome plating facility for inlaid and outlaid plating.
  • Inlaid plasma molybdenum coating.
  • Piston rings from high-alloyed steel wire for top ring as well oil rings from profiled steel wire.
  • Surface treatments such as tinning and Phosphatizing.

Our products Range

The range of engines/machines/equipments/compressors for which LPR piston rings
are suitable as service/replacement part